Tuesday, January 17, 2012

2012 Thoughts and Ideas...

This year has begun with some new and old challenges for me to face as I continue to progress as a spiritual being, a man and as a comedian!!
I didn't accomplish all of the things and goals I set for myself in 2011, but as opposed to linking my personal and professional goals to a time frame.  I believe I will keep the dream alive by making those goals a dogged, lifetime pursuit!!
With so many things that need to be addressed, where does one begin? I guess at it's very base, I should start with small steps towards each goal in this world of multi-tasking that we live in. Then continue this pursuit relentlessly and religiously, until I see all of my dreams and goals coming to fruition!!

This Thursday, January 19th 2012, will be the first comedy show I put together since my "Black Man Standing" showcase in October of 2010.
Granted, I had to cancel the second production of said showcase on 3 different occasions in 2011. These cancellations did however, give me a different perspective on booking venues, promoting shows, dealing with comics and the overall business side of comedy, that people may or may not take into consideration.
That being said, I'm off to tackle some of the challenges before me, that I see as pieces of the foundation that will help build my kingdom!!!

Ya'll be easy...

Thursday, October 28, 2010

"How Far We Have Fallen?!"

   So yesterday, our one and only "community radio station" KMOJ, decided they were going to bring in infamous internet ho, "Kat Stacks" in for a radio interview to promote her appearance at a downtown Mpls. nightclub. Now usually, when someone is paid to make an appearance at a club, they have some type of fame or talent with a reason to be in town promoting themselves on the radio and clubs, promo tours!! But this girls only talent is fellatio, spreading her legs for anybody willing to spend the money and pay the price, morally and publicly for dealing with this lost soul!
   My problem with her being on the radio is, what are we promoting to the community and to young girls and boys who follow all the popular internet news and info?! Having sex with multiple people is your business! But to take accept money from these cats, do drugs and have sex with them, then proceed to record these men while they sleep, and to then post these rants on the internet!! It's a complete violation of one's personal privacy, even though at this point, any man dumb enough to play "Russian Roulette" with his penis and that woman, you had it coming!! But I want to know, what is honorable and respectable about that?! But we as a society, a culture that has come to accept morally afflicted lifestyles, approves and nurtures such behavior and attitudes. A common response we hear from people in today's culture  when something questionable is taking place is, "shit, they got paid!!"  I frankly, have to shake my head at this attitude!
   Growing up, I've always received small nuggets of advice from my dad on how to navigate through life. In my many futile attempts to beat my dad in dominoes, I would always try to go for "money" or points at every opportunity! This strategy would get me in trouble more often than not, and my dad would tell me, "son, all money ain't good money!!"
   Just because you get paid for it doesn't make it good for the soul or the evolution of the mind!! Ya'll go ahead and marinate on that for a minute...

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Prosperity Preaching

I recently posted a question on my facebook page about "prosperity preaching" after having a couple coversations about Bishop Eddie Long's sex scandal! Whether or not Bishop Long is guilty of manipulating these young men into a homosexual relationship, the fact that this takes place with men of the cloth in all denominations, is disturbing because these so-called men are chosen to be our "spiritual leaders!!"
  I've said over and over that lust, greed, and the desire for material wealth has been interwoven into the very fabric of society that we live in! Now prosperitybpreaching at it's very essence, asks for God to bless us and be prosperous in alof life! But the application of this message is where things get lost in translation so to speak... I say that because this is where the "man of the cloth" comes  in with his own agenda and the message gets eskwed and lust, greed and self-rightousness kicks in for those who are not truly spreading God's message!!

  I have to finish this blog later... DAMN!!!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


   Been a while since my last blog, so much has taken place since then... Not to the point of drastic, life altering changes but changes none the less! Learning to let go of the past so I can exist in the present!!  Life will take you on a journey of emotional extremes... The choices we make directly affect our future in ways that you can't even see at times, be it occular or spiritual!! For what would life be if we always knew the outcome...??!!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sitting here this morning looking at CNN, and I must say I am thoroughly sickened by all the Tiger Woods coverage of his infidelity!!! I really didn't appreciate Stephen A. Smith coming out and calling Tiger, "a hypocrite!" Really??!! Jasper Parnevik or however you spell his name?? Listen people, like it or not, men and women cheat!! Not all, but a lot!! If the average man can keep a couple women, what do you think a celebrity will do?! Wher was all this firestorm over Michael Jordan cheating on Juanita Stephen A. Smith, media, anybody else that has a bad word as opposed to prayer and constructive advice!! Are we all perfect and without sin?! What gives you the right to judge?! Tiger and his wife have some serious personal issues they need to work through, being torn apart by the public, and the media will not help them at all!!! Stephen A., I hope you stay perfect and have no skeletons in your closet, cuz the minute you slip, that "hypocrite" statement will apply to your very opinionated ass!!! Jasper, you need to get socked in the mouth on some man to man shit!! I think you want Tiger's wife for yourself!! How about you focus on winning a major and not worry about Mr. Woods!! I would say more, but I have hair to cut!! Stephen A. Smith, brotha, I ain't done with you!!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


As of late, I have been feeling suffocated by my current surroundings!! My purpose in life is much bigger than Mpls./St. Paul! I feel like the time has come to for me to fully immerse myself in the world of comedy!! God has given me a message to bring through the gift of laughter! With that gift, I must step out on faith and pursue this journey with all my heart! No longer can I sit and wait, the time is now! How can I describe what life is like for a creative soul that is trapped in a social atmosphere that doesn't truly support or nurture the creativity in it's own backyard?! Your almost forced to leave home to make a name for yourself just to come back and finally get patted on the back!! Now don't get me wrong, I'm not in this for the support or kudos from people, that's not my motivation at all. I'm in this for the long haul, with the gift of laughter, I will bring a message of love and respect for all humanity which is truly lacking in today's world... I will not succumb to the unmotivated, mundaness that tries to encircle me at times! Got to stay prayed up and be spiritually, mentally, and physically fit, in order to navigate the road ahead! Stay tuned world, I'm just getting started!!
-Be easy

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Thought for the day...

"In order to get what you want, stop doing what isn't working!"